We are helping our planet 1 order = 1 tree

We lose trees at the speed of 50 football courts per minute because our food systems destroy our eco systems. Most of this degradation takes place in the developing tropics of Africa, Latin America, South and Southeast Asia.

We specifically focus on caring for nature. We take the Forest Garden approach, which has proven to be successful and is simple, reproducible, and scalable. It is important for us to have our SenSin products meet the eco and sustainable production and consumption requirements.

How? It all starts with trees. Within the limits of a 4-year educational program named “Forest Garden Approach” the farmers plant thousands of trees, which protect the soil and return nutrients to it. This helps the farmers in growing various fruits and vegetables. Forest Garden farmers grow their income and have access to grown food within the first year all while improving the environment.

By buying the products of socially-focused brands, you also invest into caring about nature. With every placed order one tree is planted.