The secret of great skin: 3 useful habits

A caring and careful attitude to your health displayed through discarding unhealthy habits, diverse diet, active free time, constant sleep regiment, and well-chosen makeup is the foundation of beautiful skin. We have prepared a number of recommendations, which will help you sustain the elasticity of your skin for many years.

1. Daily body care. In the winter the protective skin functions decline due to the cold wind, high humidity, and other adverse impacts. This is why a winter diet needs unsaturated fatty acids and vitamins, and a winter beauty routine — nourishing products with active revitalizing formulas.

2. A massage is the most effective way to improve blood circulation, tonus, and definition.

3. Scaling of the old skin with scrubs. Epidermis renews every 30-40 days. During this time the corneous layer is thickened and the cell renewal process is slowed down. In order to remove the dead skin particles a peeling or a scrubbing procedure should be done 1-2 times a week.

A regular performance of these recommendations can help not just avoid the aging issues, but also improve the quality of your body and skin in just a few months