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tender Liquid hand soap

Bourbon Vanilla, Grey Amber, Bitter Almonds

Gently cleanses the skin, while hydrating and nourishing it. Our Hand Soap is made with a pure natural blend of oils. Aloe vera in the formula (rich in Vitamins C+E, minerals, proteins, and enzymes) not only hydrates the skin, but also aids in cellular renewal. Bergamot Fruit and Grapefruit extracts provide antibacterial and antioxidant actions.

foam Body wash & bubble bath

French Jasmine, Black Currant Leaves, Provence Lavender, Siberian Pine

Is made of 100% natural ingredients. Lavender Flower Oil calms and soothes irritation and provides anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects. Coconut oil moisturizes and softens skin. Evoke warm, calming, and relaxing aromas like lavender mixed with fresh jasmine notes to calm the mind and soothe the soul. Does not leave an oily film on skin or bath.

The aroma is an inspiration

Deep, saturated, and lingering scents inspired by the Swiss Alps. The refined smell of lavender, the flowery and sweet notes of black currant, delicate jasmine, and freshness of pine… They are the heart and soul of our aromas. Like a good perfume, the unique scent composition gradually opens on the skin. The aroma becomes stronger and richer with every minute.

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