Dynamic Scent and Natural ingredients

Our approach and our product

Sensin stands for “sense in”, or “the feeling inside”.

Sensin revives and focuses the attention on the five feelings, especially scent. We are a team of people who genuinely love to take care of ourselves and our health. We have traveled and lived throughout the world (the USA, Europe, Asia), learned various traditions, tried a lot of new things and widened our worldview. Coming together, we all brought our vast experiences to the table to create something valuable and unique. Our team of scientists and perfumers loves to explore and try something new, especially when it comes to scents and perfumes.

Sensin provides an evolution of skin care right at your home. We love bright emotions, beautiful aesthetics, and simplicity. Scientifically innovative and safe formulas of our products are capable of influencing the way the body regenerates. Our scents will boost your emotions. Sensin focuses its attention on the 5 senses:

  1. Smell – the scent of our products.
  2. Touch – the texture you feel.
  3. Hearing – what we say about our skin care.
  4. Vision – what you see (the packaging and the product itself).
  5. Taste – your boosted energy and positive outlook on the world after the use of our skin care brings pleasure even during meals.

For this reason our products are produced in the US from the start. We do this for our future. We provide only the best ingredients in a unique aroma concentration. With Sensin, you are able to open up for yourself a new world of long-lasting scents which relax your feelings, renew your body, and inspire you for new victories.
Sensin products are based on a complex approach which combines the latest achievements of medicine, pharmacology, cosmetology, aromatherapy, and psychology. As a cosmetological brand of the future, we partner with leading innovative labs. Having the unique aromas, we are obsessed about our products’ ingredients. Working with a few professional branches, we use the natural ability of the body to slow down aging, and, in most cases, keep the skin’ youth. We take responsibility for how our products end up in your hands. We protect the beauty that brings no harm to the environment, and we never test on animals.

The making of Sensin

The mastermind is the founder Denis Arslanov. Earlier Denis was helping corporate businesses perfect the development process of their products (dietary supplements, makeup, skincare products) by adapting them to clients’ needs. Denis has over 10 years of management experience and holds an MBA. His practice became so successful that he and his team started consulting internationally, thus developing products for a number of world brands.

Through our work we were able to see the clients’ needs, and what is important for them in care products. We discovered a huge gap between the self-care process and the clients’ satisfaction.

We have tried almost all existing perfumes and skin cleansing brands. As a result, we realized that we lack all-organic personal hygiene products with unique and deep scents, as well as safe and effective formulas. We decided to create such products ourselves. This is how SENSIN was born.

Skin care is an important part of each and everyone’s self-care. We pay attention to it and desire it to be pleasurable. No more boring self-care routine. This is why our brand is closely linked to our scents’ effect on the atmosphere in the air and our clients’ emotions. We focus our clients on visual aesthetics and on sensations from our gentle textures. This is why the main ingredient in our soaps is not water but rather aloe.

Our mission

Our main goal is to bring pleasure into the process of self-care for our clients. You are the most important and unique person in the world. In the moment of self-care, we want to remind you about it at all levels.
We want our consumers to be free of stress and anxiety of the world through relaxation with SENSIN. Our mission is to positively affect the mental health and the inner balance of people with the help of clean and naturally-scented personal hygiene products. We encourage people to express their feelings because we believe that unexpressed emotions bring disbalance to both body and mind.

Career at Sensin

We want people to use quality products from natural ingredients that smell great, like a good perfume. We want people to continue to smell wonderful fragrances after taking care of themselves, and at the same time, their skin was grateful to them for the care and organic components. We strive for transparency, honesty, and truth. We believe in the responsibility of expressing ourselves. We care, understand, and support each other’s energies

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