Dynamic Scent and Natural ingredients

Our story

We are a team of diverse young people who truly care about health & self-care. We travelled, lived across the world (US, Europe, Asia), learned about different traditions and tried new things, broaden our own horizons. We all have different backgrounds and experiences that we tried to unite to create something valuable.

We love to explore and try new things, especially cosmetics. We realized that as consumers we lack natural personal care products on the market that have safe and effective formulas, unique premium scents, and sustainable minimalistic packaging that is delivered to our home directly.

We decided to develop a brand that puts customers at its core.
We created Sensin (“SENSation INside”).

Our main value is to bring a bit of magic to our customers’ self-care process…

· Our outstanding dynamic fragrances that stay longer on the skin and that we develop with perfumeries
· Textures that create our R&D team to moisturize skin and open scent in a richer way
· Fast and people-oriented customer service that always listens to needs and feedback

Our Mission:
To bring positive impact to people and nature by adding magic to routine and explore self-care with authentic fragrances & natural cosmetics.

Career at Sensin

We want people to use quality products from natural ingredients that smell great, like a good perfume. We want people to continue to smell wonderful fragrances after taking care of themselves, and at the same time, their skin was grateful to them for the care and organic components. We strive for transparency, honesty, and truth. We believe in the responsibility of expressing ourselves. We care, understand, and support each other’s energies

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